Welcome to Transform Teaching School Alliance


Transform is a rapidly growing primary-led inclusive Teaching School Alliance currently working with 46 partner schools and other strategic partners such as the Diocese, Local Authority, Universities and Private & Voluntary sectors.

Transform is rooted in the East Midlands and our mission is to foster excellence in and across our schools.

Transform has developed a high quality and varied programme of school to school support, professional & leadership development and Initial Teacher Education to meet the unique and evolving needs of its members.

Transform is host to a range of high quality School Improvement muscle – 5 NLEs, 9 LLEs, 18 SLEs, 24 OFPs, 2 NLGs, 5 AIs.

Teaching schools are part of the government's drive to give schools more freedom and to take increasing responsibbility for managing the schools system. There are now >360 teaching schools designated with the aim of establishing 500 teaching schools by 2014/5. These schools are tasked with driving significant improvement in standards, develop teachers' skills and support great leadership.